Partnership Tax Preparation                    $400.00
1065: price includes up to 5 schedule K-1’s.

*Price does not include preparation of individual returns.*

S-Corp Tax Preparation                              $500.00
Form 1120S: price includes up to   5 schedule K-1’s.

*Price does not  include preparation of Individual Returns.*

C-Corp Tax Preparation                  ​​​            $750.00
Form 1120 only. Price does not include Individual Tax Returns.

Non-Profit Tax Preparation                       $500.00
940 Tax Return

 Individual Tax  Services Offered:

1040 Return                                                    $200.00

1040 Return/Itemized                                  $250.00
includes all schedules and forms, except those within Schedule C and/or Schedule E.

Amending prior year tax returns              $75.00
Only for prior year returns prepared by Timeless Tax Service. Addition of Schedule C and/or E is $149.00.  Prior  year amendments not prepared by Timeless Tax Service start at $250.00.

Individual Return                                          $350.00
With Schedule C and/or E


Do you owe the Federal or State Government back taxes or a high balance?  Are you getting letters from the IRS or State Government demanding payment?  Do you want someone knowledgeable in tax resolution to help you?  Let Timeless Accounting & Tax Service come to your rescue!

Our Enrolled Agents and licensed CPA’s can put our experience to work for you.

What is Tax Resolution?

·         A process in which someone attempts to resolve IRS/State Government debt for a taxpayer by making a payment arrangement, installment agreement, offer-in-compromise, penalty abatement, audit assistance, etc.

·         An attempt to resolve your financial obligation with the IRS/State government in a manner that is affordable to you.

Who needs Tax Resolution?

·         Anyone who has a balance with the IRS/State Government of more than $3,000.00.

·         People who are unprepared or unable to deal with the Federal/State Government regarding their tax debt.

·         Anyone who wants to keep their tax issues from escalating.

What Timeless Accounting & Tax Service Offers:

·         Free initial consultation

·         Extremely affordable retainer fees

·         A clear and understandable plan for tax resolution

·         The benefit of Enrolled Agents and licensed CPA’s with years of experience dealing with the Federal/State Governments

Contact Timeless Accounting & Tax Service at (877) 70-TAX-TIME or (734) 744-8456 right now to determine cost and to reserve your appointment and get started on the path to a peaceful mind!




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